ANSTO names replacement reactor

From James Courtney…

ANSTO today announced the name of the replacement reactor.


The head of communications at ANSTO just told me that its not an

acronym, “it doesnt really stand for anything.”

In medievil times it was thought that opal was bad luck, that it granted

its bearer with invisibility, and was the talisman of thieves, spies and


In the eleventh century, Bishop Marbode of Rennes wrote of opal, “…Yet

’tis the guardian of the thievish race; It gifts the bearer with acutest

sight; But clouds all other eyes with thickest night.”

Just how much bad luck could the reactor bring the people of Sydney?

That is a secret known only to the government who have refused to

release information detailing how much radiation could be released, and

how many of the public could be affected in the event of a severe

accident or attack on the reactor.

And of the spies? For a bit of an insight as to what they may be up to

down there at Lucas Heights, read the Greenpeace report “Secrets, Lies

and Uranium Enrichment – the classified silex project at Lucas Heights.”






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