Happy Eostre

“Eostre is a somewhat obselete Western/Northern European goddess. She is a form of the Sumerian/Babylonian/Phonecian fertility goddess, Innana/Ishtar/Astarte (a very thorough wu is at Ishtar).

Nowadays, she is worshipped only by a polytheistic messianic cult known as the ‘Christians’ on their arcane holiday known as ‘Easter’. Rather than honoring her with good, clean orgies like the ancients did, they insist on performing disgusting ceremonies involving young children, eggs, and hidden crevices. They horribly tattoo the eggs with primal symbols of ‘fertility’ They then force their children to scurry about on their hands and knees, gathering the eggs with all speed. The children are awarded as though they are animals, a mocking reminder of the days when infants were sacrificed in fire to the great daemon-god Malek.”

Eostre (pron East-ra) was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn, from whom “East” (where the sun rises) and “Easter” got its name – as the fertility goddess of the Northern European peoples, her legend was manipulated by the invading Romans – newly Christianised, they merged Eostre’s spring legend to coincide with the time of Christ’s resurrection.

She is also goddess Ostara, the maiden, in German mythology, celebrated when night and day are equal and balanced (the spring equinox for the northern hemisphere). Interestingly, the word “estrus” (referring to an animal in heat) is also derived from Eostra as her consort was a rabbit with an extraordinarily high libido!






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