Send Money!

International activism can get expensive – even with ‘all expenses paid’.

You can donate money to my good self (and the other activists here) through your credit card via my the paypal account that my wonderful girlfriend and I set up for our little seed selling business, Free Range Seeds (more shameless self-promotion) by clicking the following button:

I can promise you that at least a small percentage of your donation will be spent on beer and delicious Korean food. Donate a huge sum of money and I’ll buy myself some warmer clothes. Donations of $1000 or more will score you a naked photo of the Whale Embassy activist of your choice! (just kidding.)

If you’d rather support Greenpeace’s incredibly effective campaigns, join Greenpeace or donate here.






One response to “Send Money!”

  1. davidwedd Avatar

    We are honoured to contribute funds to the save Ado from starvation trust…

    Check your account tomorrow.

    Good Luck,

    Moira and David

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