Watch survived

4:30 and my watch is over – time to wake up Ben for his watch. It still smells really bad (it’s not me, definitely this ‘industrial armpit’ that is Ulsan) and we’re out of herbal tea so I was forced (by the cold) to drink normal (shitty, lipton) black tea. I hope I can get back to sleep. I am getting a grip on the campaign again – It’s been years since i’ve worked on whales – seems we’re already having quite an impact on international media so that’s a plus. Sweet dreams eh?






2 responses to “Watch survived”

  1. Cat Moore Avatar

    can’t believe i hadn’t thought to check your site til now! hang in there baby, and demand that somebody brings you some decent bloody tea!!!
    no sign of the artichokes yet…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Adrian!

    Good to see you over there – give mr Shore a big kick in the pants from me! Hope you don’t go nuts in the asian industrial environment!

    On another front – I was changed the name servers but I couldn’t find my site then so I had to change it back – how do we get some tea over to you?

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