We’re looking for a new housemate!

Our last housemate has moved out, meaning we’re in the market for a groovy person (preferably NOT another Leo 🙂 to share our three bedroom house in sunny Clayton, Victoria.

We’re not far from Monash University, the Clayton train station, awesome fruit & vege & spice shopping and under 30 minutes on the train from Melbourne. We have a nice house, a big yard with a great vege garden, five happy hens who lay lots of eggs, wireless broadband internet access and I’ll elaborate here a little further later when I’ve had a coffee.

Ideally you’ll love cooking and eating great food, drinking in moderation if at all, gardening, being easy going, generally interesting, happy and a good communicator! (fussy aren’t we!)

I’m currently in South Korea so give Cat a call on 0423136124 or email me (or Cat)






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Adrian, it’s Katie! Well your place sounds awesome, can I come visit? We’re back in Oz, living in smelbs as well, in Seaford near the sea.
    Maybe we can have a gardening bee?
    Love to you and Cat 🙂

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