think i found the “urban justice” bit

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“What’s the point of this endless academic analysis?, I’ve been wondering for months now. What value is there in examining an individual or society’s unjust behaviour, carefully “unpacking” the processes at work, when we could instead be actively fighting these injustices? The head-meets-wall feeling isn’t new, but today’s generously offered insight is…

How exactly do we fight these battles? With the same old weapons, blunt and worn? With blind anger, with familiar slogans? The futility of this approach is devastating. Organisations and movements, like individuals, can become stuck in a dichotomous mode of thought and communication. We, the good guys, are saving (insert cause here) for you, the evil and ignorant other. Passionate mouths repeat the same slogans with increasing self-righteousness and scorn. The possibility for individual thought and critical analysis diminishes as this pattern becomes entrenched. In this context it’s difficult for change to occur on a personal or political scale. Well-worn tactics are predictable, laughable even, and predictability is as boring for those within a movement as it is for the outsider.

What these women have tried to teach me is painfully simple. They’re saying that we don’t need to become trapped within this familiar routine. That deep exploration is necessary within a movement as everywhere else. That critical analysis does not undermine passion, but complements it; and earns us a strong position for attack while gaining us new allies. A more critical eye of our own behaviours and approach, as well as that of others, might just illuminate a possibility for direction.

Basically, a full exploration of a behaviour or situation provides the insight necessary to confront it intelligently and effectively.

My new slogan?

Analysis leads to solution.”






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