Don’t Boycott Bali

Keeping an eye on Google News as I do, it’s appeared to me that many stupid Australians are calling for a boycott of Bali due to Schapelle Corby being caught with 4.1kg of cannabis and imprisoned accordingly. I’d just like to say that if you’re one of them, you are a quite a stupid fool indeed. If Schapelle didn’t know she was carrying the gear, It’s pretty safe to say that someone in an Australian airport was responsible for planting it in her baggage.

Maybe we should boycott Australia? Australian airports? Why not boycott the USA, they wrongly imprison anyone who is black or poor if they are caught with a joint or three. Don’t let media hype make your decisions for you. Get rid of your television!

While I’m on the subject, I noticed when flying to Denpasar from Melbourne the day after her sentencing that there’s a new service at the airport where they wrap your baggage in plastic wrap to avoid anyone accessing your luggage.

If you really think that plastic wrap is the solution to security in aviation then:

a) You are an idiot.
b) Remember to take your plastic home with you, Bali has more than enough already.

DON’T BOYCOTT BALI! This place (and it’s people) is amongst the best in the world. (Especially if you have the sense to avoid the tourist infested areas) They’ve really only just recovered economically from the Bali Bombing, and they don’t need Australia’s narrow-mindedness further impacting their economy.






3 responses to “Don’t Boycott Bali”

  1. Cat Moore Avatar

    hear hear!!!! i love u baby! xx

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    “Australia’s narrow-mindedness further impacting their economy.”

    excuse me, its not Australia – its SOME, not all, not even a majority of people who want to boycott bali.

    im an Australian, and im not for boycotting bali, but because im an australian does that make me narrowminded?

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