Google Blog: Introducing Desktop 2

Google Blog: Introducing Desktop 2: “At Google we’re never satisfied. Last fall we released Google Desktop Search, which finds reams of information of all kinds on your computer with Google-fast speed and accuracy. But then our product people got to thinking: what about when you’re feeling kind of lazy? Wouldn’t it be cool if your information could come to you, both from the web and from your own computer?

So today we’re pleased to introduce Google Desktop 2, whose new features include:

— Sidebar, an intelligent desktop panel that gives you continually updated personalized info like your email, photos, stock prices, weather, RSS and Atom feeds, and so on. All of it is automatically customized for you, and ever-more-precisely tailored to your own interests based on how you use your computer. Think of Sidebar as an information valet who’s really resourceful, conscientious and insightful (and whose salary is zero).

— Expanded and improved desktop search. If it’s on your hard drive and we can’t find it, you might want to ask yourself whether you really need it – and if you do, you might want to download a plug-in, or build one yourself.

— Quick Find, which lets you search your hard drive to find files and launch applications as fast as you can type.

— Outlook search and integration. If you’re an Outlook user, this is probably your dream come true.

You can learn more about Desktop 2 here. Enjoy.”






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