Protesters target ‘dirty’ coal plant

Protesters target ‘dirty’ coal plant: “Protesters target ‘dirty’ coal plant

17:44 AEST Thu Aug 11 2005


Greenpeace activists have occupied a coal dredger at Victoria’s Hazelwood power station, labelling it the world’s dirtiest energy plant.

The protesters draped a first-place ribbon over the loader, saying Hazelwood, in Victoria’s south east, had earned the title of the most polluting power station on the planet.

In a ‘quit coal’ campaign, Greenpeace is calling on the Victorian government to shut Hazelwood and invest in clean, renewable energy.

Campaigner Mark Wakeham said burning coal caused climate change and extreme weather conditions such as this week’s cold-snap over Victoria.

‘We should be asking, is this climate change? Is this what we’re going to have to expect?’ he said.

‘The colder it gets the more power we burn and we’re making the problem even worse.’”






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