Auditory Spiral

Auditory Spiral
1992 – 2004

Auditory Spiral was conceived in 1992, during the rise of the Perth rave / techno scene. Newly formed after the demise of U.W.A’s protagonistic – 6UVSfm, RTRfm enlisted the services of Shane de Mamiel (aka Shamus) to produce a new radio show that would redefine the bounds of an electronic dance music show – exposing the newest forms of an evolving Perth techno movement. Auditory Spiral was not going to adhere to the prescribed radio format and preferred to break new ground – focusing on music rather than talkback as it’s primary language and mission. Auditory Spiral was responsible for introducing Perth to now classic Detroit label Underground Resistance and Canadian impostors +8 records; artists of the like of Kenny Larkin, Suburban Knight, Carl Craig, Robert Hood, Dan Bell, Aphex Twin, Luke Slater, Cristian Vogel and Fred Gianelli to name but a very few.

Several years into what then, had become an overnight phenomenon (recognised by Orb Mag as one of the top 3 techno programmes in Australia), came Auditory Spiral’s partner in mind, DJ Nicolai. Sharply honed to the European minimalist sound, Nicolai brought much creative talent and direction to the program. Together Shamus and Nicolai worked the show into what it became synonymous – a powerhouse of musical expression that ranged diverse backgrounds with the capacity to explore the ever expansive creative realms of the techno sound.

Since the earliest days, Auditory Spiral had been actively involved locally and internationally with frequent guests and additional main players contributing their wealth to the show including Djs: Craig Emm, Adrian Wedd, Emma (Love) Langridge, Tom Coolican, Nic Larson, Ben Jenke and Ben Elliot. The show also hooked up with many of techno’s emissaries including Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes, Ritchie Hawtin, Dr Motte, Jeff Mills, Kenny Larkin, Cristian Vogel, Tobias Schmitt and John Tejada.”    






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