Canberra criticised over alleged climate change gag

“An Australian Senator wants a guranatee that the nation’s peak scientific research body, the CSIRO will be free of government interference.

Christine Milne says a recent case whereby scientist Barrie Pittock was apparently instructed to remove politically sensitive material from a government publication on climate change, is a disgrace.

She says only a few weeks ago, the CSIRO announced it was abandoning research into renewable energy.

Senator Milne says it appears the government is leaning on the CSIRO, and the public should be outraged.

What needs to happen is specifically, an investigation into how it is that government ministers are pressuring the CSIRO and CSIRO management caving in to that pressure, but also we need to prioritise public spending to see that CSIRO gets the money to do public interest research without having to cow-tow to business.”






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