Stick your GM crops up your arse, Australia.

Just when you start to think that some of our leaders are making some sense in some areas…

GM food in Victorian shops soon – National – “VICTORIA is set to lift its ban on planting genetically modified food crops as early as February next year, paving the way for a rush of new food varieties on supermarket shelves.

Under pressure from the Federal Government and farm groups, the Bracks Government is preparing to scrap the moratorium that stops farmers using genetically modified products.

Other states are expected to follow Victoria’s lead, which GM supporters predict could cause a surge in agricultural productivity, with farmers able to plant crops resistant to weeds, insects and salinity and that need less water.

Federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran has told The Sunday Age it is time for Australia to move on. ‘I strongly believe in the environmental and economic benefits of GM crops,’ Mr McGauran said.

‘Farmers have much to gain, particularly in times of drought, from growing GM crops such as wheat and canola that use less water and herbicides than conventional crops,’ he said.

‘Our farmers will endure significantly higher costs, for no greater return — and consume more water than necessary — if they are prevented from adopting GM technology.

‘But for farmers to benefit, Victoria must lift its moratorium on GM crops.’”

What a load of crap.






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