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Tasmania’s Southern Forests
Still Wild Still Threatened

Protecting Tasmania’s Forests – A Real Climate Change Solution

Help Tassie’s forests feature on national prime time television in the lead up to the federal election.

Deforestation contributes more to global greenhouse gas emissions annually than the transport sector.
Ending native forest logging in Tasmania is equivalent to taking 4.6 million cars off Australia’s roads.

The Tasmanian government has identified logging and landclearing as being the state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. (Tasmanian Draft Climate Change Strategy)

‘Oz in 30 Seconds’ (by GetUp) is a call to arms (or digital video cameras, actually) to create, rate and air television ads that promote a better, fairer, more progressive Australia. This is a chance to show us your Australia by making a 30 second political ad, which we will air on national prime time television during the lead up to the federal election.

Still Wild Still Threatened has entered three ads in this competition and we are seeking your support in getting one of them onto national television!

The highest ranking 10 ads will be screened at a gala event at the Opera House, even having one of our ads make the top ten would see Tassie’s Forests
gain awesome coverage at this important time.

The voting system has been setup to make it as fair as possible for all entries. This means that to vote for our entries it will be necessary to view and vote for other peoples ads as well.

You can view our ads by following these links.
(note these are compressed files, the final versions are of broadcast quality)

A Real Climate Change Solution

Conservation Cools the Planet

Forests for the Future

TO VOTE go to the “watch and vote’ section of

If you go to the bottom of this page you will be able to scroll through the pages using ‘rate more videos’ until you get a page that includes one of our ads. For your vote to be valid you will need to view and vote for all of the ads on the same page. Giving a very low (unrealistic) rating for the competing ads may result in all ratings being discounted.

Please forward this email amongst your networks – friends, family etc


If you are interested in helping to draw attention to the plight of Tasmania’s forests
in the lead up to the election please contact me.

For the Forests






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