Congratulations, Australia!

I cannot begin to say how incredibly happy I am that enough of you Australians have finally seen sense enough to rid us of the tyranny of Howard governance. Yes, it took some of you a long time, but it seemsyou've finally 'got it'. Congratulations!

Those of you still voting 'Liberal' (and there are WAY too many of you) scare me. To be honest, I'm also pretty freaked out that so many of you still vote for Labour too, but that's another story (This two party mentality we really need to shake off, it makes for an unhealthy and undemocratic democracy)

We've got some really rough times ahead – and under a Rudd government we're now in a much better position to adapt to lessen the impacts. Fingers crossed he's not quite as 'conservative' as he's made out during the election campaign.

I'm very much looking forward to writing my first letter to our new environment minister. Exciting, isn't it?






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