‘Water Rage’ hits Australia at last

I’ve often felt frustrated or angry seeing some old dude watering his lawn and roses while we’re running out of water, but this is a bit rich. A sign of things to come though.

The international media have certainly run with the story, some of my favourite headlines:

Loving grandpa ‘murdered for watering lawn’
NEWS.com.au, Australia – 2 hours ago
By Gemma Jones and Eoin Blackwell KEN Proctor was a new grandfather and a friendly neighbour who loyally served his community – only to be allegedly

Man charged with killing neighbour for watering his lawn
Guardian Unlimited, UK – 11 hours ago
A man has been killed in a fight over watering his lawn in drought-stricken Australia in an apparent case of water rage. Retired lorry driver Ken Proctor,

‘Water rage’ claims life as Sydney clamps down
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand – 6 hours ago
By Nick Squires As Australia heads into its eighth year of drought, the country has suffered its first death by water rage. Strict water restrictions have

Neighbours reeling after ‘water fight’ death
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia – 21 hours ago
THE neighbours and friends of a Sydney man who allegedly was punched and kicked to death while watering his front lawn are in shock.

Australian Man Beaten To Death Over Water Rage
AHN – 4 hours ago
Sydney, Australia (AHN) – A 66-year-old man watering his lawn was killed after he got into an argument with another man over water restrictions in Sydney,

Drought leads to ‘hose rage’ homicide
United Press International – 11 hours ago
SYDNEY, Nov. 1 (UPI) — Australian police charged a Sydney man with murder after a retired man watering his lawn was attacked because of drought-imposed

Man murdered in Sydney for watering lawn
Evening Echo, Ireland – 13 hours ago
A pensioner was kicked to death by his neighbour as he watered his lawn after they argued over drought-stricken Sydney’s hosepipe restrictions.
66-year old man bashed to death watering his lawn
Pravda, Russia – 13 hours ago
An old man was killed while watering the lawn near his house in argument over Sydney water restrictions. Todd Munter, 36, was charged in a Sydney court






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