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Just stumbled upon Steve Solomon’s new and improved Complete Organic Fertilizer recipe, for those of you into that kind of thing…

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Herewith, my latest take on this stuff, the new, improved, official version of COF.

All the best,


Complete Organic Fertilizer

4 litres/4 quarts oilseed meal such as cottonseedmeal or canolaseed meal
or else
3 litres/3 quarts feathermeal or fishmeal (smelly)
1 litre/1 quart soft or colloidal rock phosphate (best choice) or bone meal or high phosphorus guano
Then choose one of these two options-
–If you garden where the land originally grew a forest, add these two:
¼ litre/1 cup agricultural limestone, 100# (fine grind) and
¼ litre/1 cup agricultural gypsum;
or else,
–If you garden where the land originally grew grass or is a desert,
add ½ litre / or two cups agricultural gypsum
–If you do not live in Cascadia add
500 ml/½ quart greensand and 250 gm/ ½ pound potassium sulphate

–Everyone use
1 heaping teaspoonful ordinary laundry borax (measured carefully)
100 grams iron sulphate (ferrous)
60 grams/two ounces zinc sulphate
60 grams/two ounces manganese sulphate
30 grams/one ounce copper sulphate
1 litre/1 quart kelpmeal or the same quantity of azomite






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