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Maya and I graded this school assignment against the rubric provided but really couldn’t give it anything better than a D.

Seriously WTF. Apostrophes where they don’t belong, sentences which might have been, classy use of caps, maybe an infograph is a real thing – who cares!? Yes the Britannica link is a 404 to boot.

Mini Assignment

You have one in-class lesson to undertake this mini assignment, it is an individual task.

Create a document/power point answering and creating the following
Find the definition of safety (here is a good start: https://www.britannica.com/topic/safety )
List 10 different concerns or places you have to be safe
List ways in which you can help other people be safe
Find out what a “code of conduct” is, give a definition of
Focus on one area of Safety, e.g. ONLINE Safety or Beach Safety
Create an INFOGRAPH/Poster covering your chosen area. This poster’s target audience is teenagers.






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