Facebook Post: 2021-02-02T12:02:52

Last year I finally started training again in Zen Do Kai after a decade or so of procrastination and the illusion of having other priorities.

Coming back in after some decades of not training has been a challenge both mentally and physically and I expect this will only escalate as I work very, very slowly towards getting back to where I was when I stopped training, then on to my second dan and beyond. It’s also been really inspiring and feels a bit like “coming home” to my ZDK family, even if in a different place and time.

Anyhow, tonight training recommences after the christmas break and I’m channeling my past self in preparation. Much gratitude and respect to Sensei Brad Kyme-Hobson who literally changed my life in the 80s and to Sensei Mat Woolley who has now taken me under his wing.

Photo from my Shodan grading in 1988. Interesting perhaps almost all my photos from back then we’re training outside and with our sleeves rolled up. It gets hot in WA.






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