Facebook Post: 2021-06-08T22:09:21

There’s something satisfying about dusting off a 2007 Mac and installing OS X Leopard in order to regain support for quality old audio interfaces (2 x Yamaha i88x) unsupported by modern operating systems (my windows XP box previously used for this purpose required too much obsolete hardware to keep operational).

I’m almost finished the re-patching I started months ago (possibly an overstatement now everything needs to go variously to the i88x units, patchbay and mixer and back and forth between synths, samplers and effects units) but things are looking and feeling good and sounding appropriately strange.

So now I’ve embarked upon recording an archive of what will largely be a forced production experiment resulting in lots of unfinished, unedited, unreleased, warts-and-all jams (up to 16 channels in case anything sounds amazing in isolation) instead of just saving some sequences, tracks, programs and samples and moving on to the next idea; actually recording my auditory noodling, possibly in prep for some live gigs I think I need to do, and that first album I’ve been working on (or putting off) for decades.






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